Color Palette: Blue and Gray

There are certain colors that seem to go with every, such as gray or blue. But what if you put those two colors together? I love the idea of mixing blue and gray together because each one is so versatile. There are so many different shades of each color that the possibilities really are endless. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring blue and gray:

I love the blue and gray sofas in this space. The pastel blue sofa breaks up the gray in the rest of the room without standing out too much. It’s very complementary to the rest of the space. I like that they mismatched the throw pillows so there’s a bit of blue and gray on both sofas.

Source: Anna Matthews Interiors

While blue and gray can be light and airy, it can also be dark and moody. I love how the darker shades of each color look together. This space is pretty much the opposite of the previous space, which goes to show just how versatile this color combination can be.

Source: Traci Rhoads Interiors

I love the splatter paint upholstery fabric on the bed frame. It’s a great way to mix a bunch of different shades of blue and gray together. It also looks great against both the cool gray rug and the warmer gray walls.

Source: Lily Bunn Interiors

Another great bedroom with multiple shades of blue and gray. I love the color of the wall because it looks both blue and gray at the same time. When I look at the top of the wall near the ceiling, I think it’s gray, but when I look further down near the headboard, I think it’s blue. Such a beautiful shade of blue (or gray?).

Source: Marissa Cramer Interiors

Hexagon tiles are used more often in bathrooms than in kitchens, but I think they look fantastic in this space. I love the various shades of gray with the pops of blue interspersed throughout.

Source: Erica Bryen Design

As you can tell from this post and this post, I’m a big fan of blue kitchens. I also happen to love two-tone cabinets so there’s pretty much nothing better than a kitchen with blue and gray cabinets. I love the shade of blue on this island. It’s very similar to the shade of blue (or gray) in the bedroom mentioned earlier. Such a great space!

Source: Yankee Custom Builders


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