Contemporary Home with Bohemian Flair

I'm a big fan of interiors that mix and match different design styles. To me, it feels more authentic than trying to achieve a specific look. A home should reflect the personalities and lifestyles of the people who live there. This home designed by September Workshop feels contemporary with some bohemian elements mixed in, creating an authentic, personalized look.

This living room has several contemporary pieces, from the chairs to the tables to the lighting. But the brown leather sofa, the natural fiber rug, and the fiddle leaf fig in the corner add a little bohemian flair to the space. Despite the varying styles, all the pieces work well together, making for a stylish, yet personalized look. I love the turquoise artwork against the darker blue wall too.

This shelving unit is definitely a contemporary piece, but the other decor and accents add some boho to the space. I love the multitude of tiny plants on the shelves. The pillow are wonderful too. I love the print.

These dining chairs are great. These classic modern pieces are usually made of plastic. I like the choice of wood here instead. It definitely contributes to the contemporary mixed with boho vibe of the space. I love the centerpiece on the table too. The succulents in a driftwood planter are fantastic!

This bedroom is fantastic. It's a little heavier on the bohemian vibe than other spaces in this home, but the light gray walls and the sleek, streamlined bed frame keep the contemporary feel in the room. I love the print on the bedspread along with the wood block nightstands and the giant plant in the corner.

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