Pattern Play: Houndstooth

As I was planning for the next installment in my Pattern Play series, I was having some trouble figuring out what pattern to feature, as I’ve already written posts about several patterns commonly used in interior design. I started thinking about patterns used in fashion to spark some inspiration, which is how I finally landed on houndstooth. This classic pattern is used very often in fashion, but not so much in interior design. So I challenged myself to find some interiors featuring houndstooth. It was a little tricky to round these up, but I think these spaces definitely show that houndstooth looks just as chic in interiors as it does in fashion.

The houndstooth upholstery on these chairs is the perfect accent in this wonderful little nook.

Source: Decorating Files

Those houndstooth barstools are fantastic! I love the mixing of patterns in this kitchen. The houndstooth stools and the paisley wallpaper fit together well since they have the same black and white color palette and are similar in scale.

Source: The Kitchn

Houndstooth backsplash. Be still my heart! What a fun and creative idea. It looks like they pieced the houndstooth together with mosaic tiles rather than solid pieces, making it that much more impressive. Also, that big black range hood is a showstopper.

Source: Pinterest

I love the houndstooth bedding paired with the banana leaf wallpaper. These two patterns mix well together because they aren’t competing for attention. The small scale houndstooth complements the large scale banana leaf print and on the same note, the neutral black and white color palette complements the bold shades of green. So, basically, opposites attract.

Source: Elle Decor

That houndstooth headboard is the epitome of chic. It’s a great way to add some flair and visual interest to an otherwise neutral space.

Source: Pinterest

I bet you were starting to think that houndstooth could only be black and white. Well, as you can see, houndstooth can be made up of all kinds of colors. I like that they used multiple colors for the houndstooth in this space and that they coordinated the decor to go with it.

Source: Young House Love


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