10 Awesome Colorful Kitchens

For many years, white kitchens have been very popular, but lately colorful kitchens have been all the rage. As you can tell from this post and this post, I’m a huge fan of blue kitchens, but there are so many other colors that look fantastic in the kitchen. Below are 10 awesome kitchens featuring a variety of colors. Check them out and let me know which ones you love!

This kitchen is simply stunning. I adore the beautiful dark green cabinets and the wonderful black marble island. Add in some metallic accents and you’ve got an incredible space that is dark, moody, and glam all at the same time.

Source: Black Lacquer Design

I think dark green might be my new favorite color for kitchens. This is such a lovely deep, dark shade of green and it looks amazing with the white marble countertops and backsplash. I’m also loving the idea of displaying art in the kitchen.

Source: deVOL Kitchens

While I would probably not choose this particular shade for my own home, this Kelly Green kitchen looks fantastic. It brings a sense of freshness into the space, especially when paired with white walls and countertops.

Source: Decorpad

I love the seafoam cabinets in this kitchen. Using a somewhat neutral shade like this is a great way to add some color to a space without it feeling too bold or loud.

Source: HGTV

Speaking of bold and loud…holy yellow cabinets! This kitchen definitely packs a punch. But they did it the right way by letting the bright yellow be the star of the space. The light wood walls and the white countertops tone down the yellow a bit so it’s not too overwhelming. This color is not for the faint of heart.

Source: Alys Design

If you like yellow, but want something that’s not so jarring, go with a more muted shade. The creamy yellow in this kitchen adds some flair to this space and makes it feel bright and happy without being too bold. I also love the colorful dining area off to the side and the geometric wallpaper lining the backs of the cabinets.

Source: Alison Kandler Interior Design

I’m usually not a fan of red rooms, but something about this kitchen speaks to me. It feels charismatic and sophisticated. I like that they went with a white island instead of matching it to the red of the cabinets. That might’ve been a little too much red for the space, but as is it looks very chic and put together.

Source: Traditional Home

The last kitchen may have been sophisticated, but this one is just plain old fun. A pink island AND oven? It’s kind of out there, but it looks fantastic, especially when paired with that amazing backsplash. I want to say that it’s wallpaper, but part of me think it actually might be made up of tile, which is even more impressive if it is. This kitchen is just incredible.

Source: Homepolish

Black is a color too, guys! So often you see all white kitchens in spaces that get tons of natural light, like this one, but that’s kind of boring. Since this space does get so much natural light, the black island and floor-to-ceiling cabinets don’t make it feel dark at all.

Source: Elle Decor

Not that there’s anything wrong with dark. I love the black on black on black in this kitchen. Even though there’s a lot of black in this space, it doesn’t feel too dark. I love the black marble countertop and backsplash. The variety of colors in the marble slabs add some visual interest to the space and make it feel very dynamic.

Source: Trendir


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