Friday Finds: Gray Kitchens, Cozy Bedrooms, and More

Today I’m starting another new series called “Friday Finds”. As I mentioned in my first “Room of the Week” post, during the course of searching for content for my blog, I find so many interesting and inspiring things that I want to share, but haven’t yet been able to fit them into my previous posts. Every Friday I’ll be sharing the things that caught my eye during the past week. Enjoy!

10 Favorite Gray Kitchens

I love colorful kitchens, but gray kitchens are pretty attractive too. Gray is one of my favorite colors to decorate with, so why not try it out in the kitchen?

7 Cozy Bedrooms We Want To Hibernate in This Winter

I’m all about cozy bedrooms, so I loved checking out these awesome inspirational photos.

8 Trends Interior Designers Are Ditching Come February

Trends can be fun, but sometimes too much can be a bad thing. Interior designers discuss which trends they are over and what they’re looking forward too in the coming months.

Bloomingville Concrete Pendant

Concrete is having a moment right now in interior design. Usually you see concrete used as a counter or flooring material, but why not furnishings too? I love the simple and sleek shape of this pendant. It would be a great way to incorporate concrete into your home without having to undergo a major renovation.

“The Radiant Child” on canvas

I’ve always been a fan of abstract art and this piece really caught my eye this week.

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