Fun and Fresh Beach Cottage

Since I started my blog, my focus has been on residential interiors. I’ve thought about branching out into commercial interiors, such as restaurants, retail, and hotels, and this beach cottage seemed like the perfect way to transition. Designed by Grace Blu Design for the Lido House Hotel in Newport Beach, CA, this beach cottage is truly one of a kind.

As soon as you walk in you can feel how fun and playful this cottage is. I love how they mixed materials in this area. The blue and white tiles blend in seamlessly with the wood floors and the shiplap walls. Such a fun and creative idea!

I love the bright colors and fun patterns on the throw pillows.

This dining nook is probably my favorite space in the entire cottage. It’s just so stunning. I love the chartreuse base of the dining table and the wallpaper on the ceiling. And of course the wonderful throw pillows lining the banquette. For someone who loves color and pattern, like me, this really is a drool-worthy space.

Or maybe the kitchen is my favorite space. As has been well-documented in this post and this post, I adore blue kitchens. I’m really digging the backsplash tile too. I love the randomness of the way it’s arranged. This is giving me some serious ideas for a future kitchen renovation.

Another spectacular space in this wonderful beach cottage. I, of course, love the wallpaper. I also really like the color of the vanity. I’m usually not really big on peach, but it looks really great against the black and white wallpaper. The green marble mirror is fantastic too.

I love how they transitioned to a darker color palette for the master bedroom. I find darker bedrooms to be more relaxing than lighter ones. They did a good job of not going too dark though, so it still has a fun, beachy vibe. I really like the pattern on the bed frame and the pop of yellow from the curtains.

Even though it’s starting to fall out of favor, I’m still a big fan of brass, so I’m really digging this bathroom. Aside from all the brass, I really like the tile on the wall too.

A yellow and black claw foot tub?! This is amazing.

I love the paint job they did in here. Instead of your typical accent wall, they changed things up a bit and left the top part white, making for a really unique design feature. The wallpaper on the ceiling is incredible too.

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