Friday Finds: Black and White All Over

The idea behind my Friday Finds series was simply to share things I’d found interesting or that caught my eye. I never intended for these posts to have a theme, but that’s the way it turned out this week. I was apparently very intrigued by black and white decor and design over the past seven days, and I hope that you’re intrigued too. Enjoy!

4 Tips for Decorating with a Monochrome Color Palette

This blog says it all—black and white doesn’t have to be boring. Some helpful and practical tips on decorating with these colors.

Are Black Kitchens the New White Kitchens?

I sure hope that black kitchens are becoming the new hot design trend. If you ask me, white kitchens have overstayed their welcome. I would love to see more black kitchens out there.

Marble Love Print

Speaking of love… how great is this art print? This may be the next addition to my nascent bedroom gallery wall.

White Geometric Bedding Set

And if I buy that print for my bedroom, I should probably buy some bedding to match it, right?

Matte Black Planter with Stand

I’m seriously considering buying this planter too. I love the sleek and streamlined look of it. I usually don’t buy in to home decor trends, but I’m all about matte black right now. Yep, I think I need to have this.

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