Color Palette: Black and Green

There are certain color combinations that are used quite often in interior design, such as black and white or pink and green. And there’s a reason for it—those colors look great together. This got me thinking about other colors combinations that you don’t see quite as often, yet still look fantastic together. One of these winning combos? Black and green. It doesn’t seem like an obvious choice at first, but the two colors go together so well and there’s so much you can do with this color scheme. Below are some of my favorite interiors featuring black and green:

This is a lovely little den. The green paint really helps bring out the traditional architectural details. The muted shade of green gives them a little life without adding too much of a modern spin. The black brick on the fireplace really anchors the room. I also love the black and green upholstery fabric on that side chair.

Source: Decorpad

This office is stunning! The all-black walls, floor, and ceiling are so dramatic. I love the green desk too. It brings little bit of freshness into an otherwise imposing space. Just wonderful.

Source: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Another stunning space. I absolutely adore the Kelly Wearstler wallpaper. I can’t tell you how many rooms I’ve featured in my previous posts have that wallpaper (anyone want to look and tell me?). And there’s a reason for it—it’s amazing! I love the green curtains and all the gold accents too. So fabulous!

Source: Erica Burns Interiors

I adore that shade of green on the headboard. It’s the perfect shade for a bedroom. So soothing and relaxing. That headboard is the star of the space and it’s nicely complemented by the black accents and trim.

Source: Reena Sotropa

So far we’ve seen pretty bold shades of green, but softer shades work just as well with black. The sage green hexagon tiles are beautiful and they look great with the brass fixtures.

Source: Decorpad

Yet another stunning, dramatic, black and green space. The emerald green walls are beautiful and go perfectly with the sweeping, grand staircase. I love that the chaise, which could probably also be described as emerald green, is a slightly different shade than the walls. It adds a bit of depth to the space. Also, you really can’t go wrong with a classic checkerboard floor.

Source: Crystal Blackshaw Design

This bathroom, while a bit more modest than some of the other space, is fantastic. Another lovely shade of green. I love the black shiplap accent wall and the black hardware and fixtures too.

Source: Jasmin Reese Interiors


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