Room of the Week: Stylish Home Office

I never used to think much about home offices, probably because I didn’t see the need for one. I’ve worked at home for the past several years, yet I’ve never had a dedicated working space. I have a desk, but I never want to sit there and work. Sometimes I’ll sit at my dining room table, but most of the time I sit on the couch. My work situation has mostly worked for me, but there are some days that I feel like I could benefit from having a true home office. So I’ve been looking for some inspiration to help me create a more stylish space than what I have currently. One of my favorites that I’ve come across is this chic home office designed by BANDD Design. I love the dark walls and the built-in shelves and desk. And that chair looks pretty comfy too. I could definitely see myself getting lots of work done in here.

What was your favorite part of this room? Let me know in the comments!


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