Black and White Home with Pops of Color

For a long time, I had difficulty describing my design aesthetic. I seemed to be drawn to several things that don’t really fit together. But I’ve now come to the conclusion that I’m a maximal minimalist. This home by Cari Berg Interior Design is a great example of this style. It’s very sleek and streamlined, but there’s also a lot going on throughout the space.

Right off the bat we get a taste of maximal minimalism. The black and white color palette evokes a sense of minimalism, but the vivid pop of purple adds a touch of maximal flair. I love that table. It looks like a variation on the classic tulip table. I also love the black table top against the black wall. The matte finish of the wall contrasts with the glossy finish of the table, making it stand out rather than blend in.

This room is another great example of maximal minimalism. All the furniture pieces have sleek and modern shapes, but the pops of color and patterns make it feel a little less minimal. I love the marbled pattern on the coffee table and the emerald side table is delightful!

This bathroom is so quirky. It’s hard to tell if they hung a mirror on top of the mirrored wall or if it’s just a frame. Either way, it’s pretty interesting. I really like that frame. It reminds me of a topography drawing. Also, it must be pretty trippy to brush your teeth in this bathroom with mirrors in all directions.

As with the living room above, the furniture in here is very minimal, but the space as a whole is not. There’s not too much color in this room, but the multiple pieces of art give it a maximalist vibe.

This space has a bit of a glam vibe. There’s just enough white and gold in this room to keep the black from being overwhelming. This is a very well-designed room.

This is a great example of how to mix patterns. Even though they’re wildly different, since they’re in the same color palette they look great together.

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