10 More Rooms with Amazing Wallpaper

I’ve always been an advocate of color and pattern in interiors, so it’s no surprise that I love wallpaper. As I mentioned in this post, wallpaper is a great way to inject personality and life into a space. Whenever I’ve written about wallpaper in the past, I always included a pseudo-disclaimer, insisting that wallpaper is stylish, not old and outdated. I think people are finally catching on to that because there are so many incredible spaces out there with amazing wallpaper. Check out some of my favorites below!

This bathroom is fantastic. I love the modern watercolor look of the wallpaper paired with the traditional wainscoting. I love the floating vanity too.

Source: Rethink Design Studio

I love the gold stripes. Such a fun idea! This wallpaper looks like it could’ve been DIY-ed (although I’m guessing it wasn’t). I would totally DIY something like this in my home. The floating vanity in here is pretty excellent too.

Source: Ella Scott Design

Another floating vanity? I might have to write another post about those some time. Now on to the wallpaper. I love the overlapping colors and shapes. It definitely adds personality and flair to the space.

Source: Black Lacquer Design

I’ve really been in to tropical prints lately. I love the relaxed, vacation vibe that the wallpaper gives this bedroom.

Source: Ioanna Lennox Interiors

I love the textured, layered look of this space. The wallpaper adds a bit of texture to the space visually on top of the texture of the rug. This is a great example of how wallpaper can bring a space to the next level. Without the wallpaper this room might be a little bland or boring, but as it stands it’s very interesting and dynamic.

Source: Chango & Co

This room has one of my absolute favorite wallpaper designs. I love the random, abstract lines and the teal color is beautiful. This is another great example of how wallpaper can completely transform the look and feel of a space. Just stunning.

Source: Nicole Watts Studio

This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include at least one space with wallpaper on the ceiling. I’m all about statement ceilings, whether it’s done with paint or with wallpaper. The butterflies are so much fun. They add a bit of whimsy to this sophisticated space.

Source: Katherine Carter

The tribal print wallpaper is so cool. I love seeing this pattern on a much larger scale as opposed to on a pillow or a rug. I really like the black picture frames too. You might think it’s too much black, but the little bits of white make them stand out from the wall.

Source: Kate Lester Interiors

This space makes me feel happy. I love all the bright pops of color, both from the furnishings and the wallpaper. The pattern on the wallpaper reminds me of confetti. Yet another fun, creative idea.

Source: 2LG Studio

This wallpaper is so cool. I love how it looks like natural stone (I suppose it could be, but since it’s an entryway I’m assuming it’s wallpaper. The variations in pattern and the colors really make a statement when you walk into this home.

Source: Mitzi Maynard Interiors


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