Friday Finds: Decorating Advice, Breaking the Rules, and More

Happy Friday! This past week was the first week in quite a while that was just…normal. Nothing really notable happened and after some recent extended periods of craziness in my life that makes me very happy. It feels great to get back into a routine. Anyway, enjoy this week’s finds!

Everything You Need to Know About Decorating

This article has some great decorating tips for all areas of the home. It really does deliver on the “everything you need to know” promise. Definitely a must read.

7 Conventional Decor Rules That Were Made to Be Broken

And of course you can’t read decorating advice without knowing what you should listen to and what you can tune out. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really like the idea of “rules” when it comes to decorating so I really enjoyed reading this.

Emma Floral Apron

Speaking of breaking rules, I’m going to break one of my own unwritten rules. I usually try to limit the products I write about to decor items and other housewares, but I couldn’t resist straying from that rule. I’m in love with this apron. I usually forget to wear an apron until I’ve already gotten my clothes dirty, but this one is so stylish I don’t think I’d forget ever again.

‘Blue City’ Graphic Art Print

And now to break a second unwritten rule. I usually try to select items with a common theme, but this week I’m just going with things that I like. This graphic art print is very cool. The different shades of blue are lovely and the gold lines really make all the shapes pop.

Vintage Black Amethyst Cordial Glasses, Set of 6

I’ve really been in to vintage glassware lately. I adore this set of cordial glasses. I love the sleek, curved shape and the fact that they’re black. So unique!

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