10 Bedrooms with Stunning Lighting

Light fixtures are one of my favorite types of furnishings. Not only is lighting a critical component of a well-designed room, but the actual fixtures can be quite beautiful too. Like other design elements, such a color or pattern, lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a space. Since there are so many rooms out there with absolutely stunning lighting, it was very difficult to choose just 10. So I decided to break this into a couple posts, featuring stunning lighting in different rooms of the home. First up—bedrooms. Enjoy!

Wow. Those chandeliers are incredible. I love the sculptural look of them. They’re like a works of art on the ceiling. They add a bit of modern flair to a fairly traditional space, and a hint of drama too.

Source: Damon Liss Design

The chandelier in this room is pretty ordinary by itself, but in the context of this room it’s stunning. The wall behind the bed with the indents perfectly framing the headboard is definitely the star of this space, but the chandelier is the cherry on top.

Source: mrs. paranjape

Another beautiful chandelier that could be a work of art. Hanging at the peak of a vaulted ceiling makes it all the more stunning.

Source: Bungalow 56 Interior Design

I love the shape of this chandelier. It’s such a unique fixture and it looks fantastic in this room. I would love to see the effect it has on the space when it’s lit.

Source: Chango & Co

Another great chandelier that fits the space perfectly. It adds another layer of texture along with the soft, fluffy carpet and the wallpaper to this room. I really with I could touch it. So cool.

Source: Katie Rosenfeld Design

Bedside lighting is another important component of a well-designed bedroom. Many people opt for table lamps, but I’m a big fan of bedside pendants and sconce. I adore this pendant. It’s another one that looks like a sculpture and I’d also be curious to see what the one looks like when it’s lit.

Source: 13 Interiors

This bedside light is really cool. The bulb and fixture are pretty minimal, but the cord is what really gets your attention. I love how the light is draped over a hook and the cord pools on the floor. Simple, yet stunning.

Source: nune

I love dark and moody bedrooms. The bedside pendant definitely fits in with the vibe of the space. I love the black glass and the curved shape.

Source: Chelsea Hing

That sconce is beautiful. It’s very simple and minimal, but it makes a big impact on the space.

Source: Emily Del Bello Interiors

This is probably the definition of stunning lighting. What could be a chandelier in a formal dining room is used as bedside lighting. Just incredible.

Source: Anthony Cochran Design


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