Friday Finds: Black and White Rooms, Instagram Inspiration, and More

I’ve told myself that I’m going to start writing about topics other than the weather in these little intros, and I’d love to, but the weather has just been nuts lately. We’ve had tons of rain in the Chicago area lately and even worse, it’s been pretty darn chilly too. It’s almost half way through May and we’re still getting high temps only in the lows 50s. That’s nuts! Anyways, I’m done ranting now. Enjoy this week’s finds!

18 Dazzling Black-and-White Rooms

You really can’t go wrong with black and white. This blog features some of the most beautiful black and white rooms I’ve ever seen, especially the one I chose to feature above. Just incredible.

Calling It: These Are the 11 Best Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

It’s no secret at this point, but Instagram is an amazing source for inspiration. I definitely recommend checking out this list for the best of the best on Instagram.

“Black and White B” by Franka Palek

Those black and white rooms made me want to look for black and white decor. I love this art print because it’s abstract, yet still very simple at the same time.

Kupia Handpainted Vase Set

These vases are adorable! And oh so lovely.

Aylin Black and White 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

I love this dinnerware set because it has a little more flair than your typical everyday dishes, but it doesn’t feel too special, so you actually could use them every day.

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