Color Palette: Black and Navy Blue

There are some color combinations that nearly everyone would agree go together, such as blue and white or pink and green. And then there are some that are up for debate, such as black and navy blue. For generations, it was common knowledge that black and navy blue should not be mixed, but I think they can look really great together if it’s done the right way. Below are some fantastic spaces featuring this controversial combo:

I’ve never really understood why mixing black and navy blue was such a faux pas. Maybe it’s because the colors are very similar. Whatever the reason is, I think they look great together. I love the black nightstand paired with the navy blue bed frame. In fact, I think the black nightstand goes better with the bed than a brown wood finish would.

Source: Spruce Interiors

This kitchen is fantastic. I’m always a fan of blue cabinets and they look even better next to the black and gold oven. That range hood is amazing too.

Source: Decorpad

I think they key to successfully mixing black and navy blue is to strike a balance and to incorporate other tones so the space doesn’t look too dark. This bathroom is a great example of that principle. The lighter blue on the wall keeps the navy blue from overpowering the room. The sink adds just enough black to make a beautiful, stunning space.

Source: Honey Collins Interior Design

This is a very bold example of a black and navy blue pairing. The two colors look very similar in this space, but that’s why I like it so much. Colors don’t necessarily need to contrast with one another to look good together.

Source: Third Coast Interiors

Navy blue was the perfect choice for the stools and it adds a nice pop of color. If they had gone with black stools to match the counters, this space might look a little flat. A different color wouldn’t feel quite right either. This kitchen is beautiful just the way it is.

Source: Chango & Co

Another fantastic kitchen. I love the black stools against the navy blue island. I think the reason it works well is because the stools have some tones other than black. It might be a little overwhelming if the stools were all black, but the brown legs and the beige stripes on the seats soften the look up a bit.

Source: Decorpad

This outdoor space is delightful. I love the navy blue dining table with the black fence as a backdrop.

Source: Feasby & Bleeks Design

This home office is amazing. This is another great example of how incorporating other tones with black and navy blue can help tone down the space and really let those colors shine. I love the pattern on the wallpaper. I also love how they incorporate both glossy and matte finishes in this space. You start out with a matte finish on the ceiling and get shinier as you move down to the floor. I also love how the wallpaper is reflected a little bit in the glossy finish of the desk.

Source: Sarah Wittenbraker Design


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