Friday Finds: Outdoor Living, Colorful Kitchens, and More

Happy Friday! So far June has been kind of crazy (I feel like I say that every month…) but today was pretty relaxed, so I’m happy. Enjoy this week’s finds!

Ten Favorite Porches for Outdoor Living

Now that summer is here (sort of), outdoor living is on my mind. These amazing porches and patios will make you want to get outside ASAP.

Why Settle for Boring Kitchen Counters When These Colorful Options Exist?

I’m a big fan of colorful kitchens, so I loved reading this. Some of these kitchens are pretty bold, but there’s plenty of great, colorful inspiration.

The Ultimate Interior Design Terms: Our Style Guide

Design styles can be so confusing, especially since many are so similar and lots of styles can be subjective. Modern and traditional will always mean different things to different people, but this guide sheds some light on the subject. Definitely worth reading!

Lillian Dish Towels

These dish towels are so much fun! And they would look great in a colorful kitchen.

Menagerie Mod Owl Sculpture

One design style that is so hard to define is eclectic. That’s probably because there’s not really one definition. It’s one of those things that can mean different things to different people. I feel like my personal style is eclectic because I don’t stick to one style and my home is filled with things I love. Which brings me to this sculpture. I love owls and already have a small collection of owl sculptures and figurines and I think this one would be a perfect addition.

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