Pattern Play: Scales

I started writing this Pattern Play series about a year ago and in that time I’ve covered a lot of basic patterns used in interior design as well as some of the more complex and intricate ones. As I was coming up with new ideas for the series, the patterns were becoming increasingly complicated and obscure. Which is cool, but the problem is that the more obscure a pattern is, the harder it is to find good examples of them in action. And the point of these posts is to show you how awesome different patterns are, not just write about how awesome they are. So I decided to get back to the basics, which brings me to my latest pattern—scales. I don’t know why, but I never used to think of scales (aka fish scale or scallops) as a pattern, but it certainly is. It’s most often seen as a tile pattern, but scales can appear in other areas of the home too. Below are some great spaces I found featuring scales. Enjoy!

Is there a better place for scales than in the shower? I can’t think of one! I love the dark gray tiles. The contrast from the white grout really makes each individual tile pop, creating a textured, scaly look.

Source: Lexi Westergard Design

Scales also look great arranged upside down. The deep teal color of the tiles makes me think of waves in the ocean (or in a bathtub).

Source: Decorpad

I love the different types of marble on the individual tiles. It’s so cool that each tile is unique. Unlike in the spaces above, it’s the tiles that create a varied, textured look rather than grout in a contrasting color.

Source: Salt Design Co

Who said that scales can only be a tile pattern? This scale-patterned wallpaper is so cool and it frames the top of the vanity very well.

Source: Decorpad

Scales are often used in kitchens as well as bathrooms. I’m really digging the navy blue scale backsplash in this space.

Source: Jamie Keskin Design

The scale backsplash is the perfect finishing touch in this kitchen. It adds some visual interest and texture to the space, while still being pretty neutral.

Source: GIA Renovations

The scale backsplash in this kitchen is also the perfect finishing touch. Everything in this space is sleek and streamlined. The scales soften things up a bit by injecting some curves among all the straight lines.

Source: Amy Sklar Design

This design is so cool! I love the various shades of blues and teals mingling with white. It’s spaces like this that remind me that scales really are a pattern. And the different colors are used to create patterns within pattern. So creative and unique!

Source: Mak Interiors

While scales are mostly used on various surfaces, they are sometimes seen on furnishings too. I love the red and white scales on the pillow cases and comforter. I’m thinking I need to find something like this for my own bedroom!

Source: Decorpad


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