10 Bathrooms with Stunning Lighting

As I mentioned in this post, lighting is so important in well-designed interiors. Light fixtures are some of my favorite furnishings because there are so many different kinds. The right light fixture can be the perfect finishing touch to make your space look stunning. Next up in my series on rooms with stunning light—bathrooms. Enjoy!

In a space like this, you’d think the skylight would be the star, but in here the chandelier steals the show. It brings a heavy dose of grandeur to this master bathroom.

Source: Grace Blu Designs

This bathroom is amazing. There are so many things I love in here, including that stunning chandelier. It makes this space feel so luxurious.

Source: The Fox Group

This pendant is not as grand as the previous two fixtures, but is still quite stunning. I love the geometric shape of it. It goes well with all the other patterns and textures in the space.

Source: Rosa Beltran Design

This mini chandelier is adorable! It has a similar shape to the chandelier in this first picture, but on a smaller scale. This was a smart choice for this space. Since it doesn’t have high, vaulted ceilings, a larger chandelier would’ve been way too big for the space. But that doesn’t mean you can still have a bit of grandeur and luxury.

Source: Alida and Miller

I’ll admit, after seeing them absolutely everywhere for so many year, I got a little tired of Sputnik chandeliers, but I’m really digging this one. Seeing this type of fixture in a different context gives it new life for me. I really like the glass orbs at the end of each spoke. The chandelier looks pretty large, but it works because of the vaulted ceiling, so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Source: Decorpad

I’m loving the Sputnik chandelier in this bathroom too. I like that they went with a brass finish to contrast with all the black and add a little warmth to the space.

Source: Andrea West Design

This sleek, streamlined chandelier is the perfect finishing touch in this modern bathroom. It shows that simple, minimal furnishings can be beautiful too.

Source: Gonterman Construction

Those sconces are incredible! I’ve seen bubble chandeliers, but I’ve never seen bubble sconces before. They’re so unique. I love them!

Source: Melanie Turner Interiors

These pendants add a bit of a vintage, industrial vibe to a fairly contemporary bathroom. I’m all for mixing and matching design styles and this space does not disappoint.

Source: Decorpad

I love the nautical feel of those sconces. I also love that they went with red for the sconces and vanity instead of blue. White and blue is often associated with a coastal, nautical vibe, but thanks to those sconces, the nautical vibe shines through, despite the different color scheme.

Source: Chango & Co


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