Mid-Century Home with Global Flair

Mid-century modern style has been popular for quite some time. I like it just as much as the next person, but due to its prevalence recently, this classic style is starting to feel a little stale. This home designed Brio Interior Design puts a fresh twist on mid-century design by adding a little bit of global flair.

This space definitely has a classic modern feel between the clean lines, the white brick fireplace, and a staple of mid-century modern design—the Eames lounge chair. But it doesn’t feel stale or boring. The mudcloth throw drapes over the ottoman adds some global flair. That, along with plenty of unique decor items, gives this space new life.

I love the green velvet upholstery on the chairs. It’s such a beautiful shade of green and feels very natural. Like with the previous space, all the decor items in this room really make this space feel more dynamic and interesting.

This little music area is great. Those drums definitely add some global flair. I bet they were a souvenir from a fantastic vacation.

That runner is stunning. It contrasts with the sleek, streamlined feel of the space and really makes it feel more warm and lively.


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