Color Palette: Blue and Yellow

Color is such an important component of interior design. Whether you’re into bold hues or prefer a more neutral palette, there’s no denying that color is a powerful design element. One color combination that this rings true for is blue and yellow. It’s a fairly standard color combination, but there are so many different shades of these two colors that the possibilities really are endless. Blue and yellow spaces can range from traditional to coastal to eclectic and everything in between. Below are some great examples of blue and yellow spaces. Enjoy!

I love all the patterns in this bedroom to go along with the blue and yellow color palette. I also like the different shades of blue and yellow throughout the space.

Source: Andrew Flesher Interiors

That blue lacquer mirror is fabulous and it looks great against the yellow patterned wallpaper. The valance at the top of the shower curtain is really interesting too. That’s not something you see too often. I like how there are two curtains that meet in the middle too. That’s also not something you see too often.

Source: Decorpad

I love the coastal vibe of this bathroom. The yellow sconces paired with the blue and white wallpaper make me think of a day at the beach. The mirrors look kind of like portholes, which is really cool.

Source: Waterleaf Interiors

The robin’s egg blue oven and range hood are amazing! So unique. I love the yellow ceiling too. It makes a statement without being overpowering. Such a wonderful space!

Source: John B. Murray Architect

So far all the spaces we’ve looked at have had sort of a light and airy vibe, but this one definitely feels a bit more moody. I love how they coordinated all the color and patterns to match with something else in the space. The curtains and the headboard have the same pattern and the ceiling and the headboard are the same color. This is a very well-designed space.

Source: Caldwell Flake

Lighter shades of blue are often very lovely, but I definitely prefer deep, dark shades of blue. Even though there’s not a lot of yellow in this space, those lamps really pack a punch.

Source: BHDM Design

Those yellow sofas are stunning. They certainly are not for the faint of heart. They don’t feel too bold or loud in this space, however. They really work against a mostly white backdrop and paired with some blue accents.

Source: Anne Becker Design

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of blue kitchens. This one is fantastic too, especially with the yellow bar stools.

Source: Rebecca Hay Designs


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