10 Dining Rooms with Stunning Lighting

Lighting, more specifically light fixtures, is one of my favorite components of interior design. These days, light fixtures are more than utilitarian objects—they are works of art. I’ve already covered bedrooms and bathrooms in my series on rooms with stunning lighting. Next up—dining rooms. Enjoy!

The chandelier looks like a sculpture and it’s beautiful. It’s the perfect finishing touch to go with the modern look of the space.

Source: HSH Interiors

While the shape of the chandelier in this space is simple, the scale is what makes it stunning. A smaller orb would be rather ordinary, but this large one is spectacular.

Source: Justine Hugh-Jones

This chandelier could easily be a work of art too. I love the combination of the modern light fixture with the more traditional furnishings and architecture of the space.

Source: Salt Design Company

Wow. That chandelier is really a showstopper. I love the shape of it and that it is reflecting the artwork on the wall. This space is truly incredible.

Source: Berschback Design

The chandelier in this dining room is very minimal, yet it still has a huge impact on the space. While several of the light fixtures we’ve seen already look like sculptures, this one reminds me more of a simple line drawing, which is so cool.

Source: Alexis Bednyak Design

Another example of a minimal light fixture having a huge impact on a space. The length of the chandelier really highlights the fabulous high ceilings in this room. Also, from this angle the bulbs look like they’re part of the art on the wall, which is just incredible.

Source: Magdalena Keck

Yet another chandelier that could be a work of art. I love that the chandelier appears to span the length of the table.

Source: Ioanna Lennox Interiors

This chandelier is incredible. I love the shape of the light bulbs and how they look like they’re an extension of each arm of the light fixture. Amazing.

Source: Justin Charette Design

I love how the chandelier in this dining room really elevates the space. This would be a fairly ordinary room without the chandelier, but with it you have yourself a stunning space.

Source: Bennett Lerner Interiors

Who said that chandeliers are the only type of light fixture that can be stunning? These sconces are simple, yet still very beautiful. And like everything we’ve seen so far, they really make an impact on the space.

Source: Phoebe Nichol


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