Pattern Play: Polka Dots

Polka dots are a classic pattern in both fashion and interiors. Lately, you see lots of kid’s spaces decorated with polka dots, making them seem a bit childish. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Polka dots look incredible in all different kinds of rooms, from bedrooms to bathrooms to laundry rooms. Below are some fantastic “grown up” spaces featuring polka dots. Enjoy!

One way to make polka dots look more sophisticated is to use smaller dots. I love the polka dot wallpaper in this bedroom and the way it blends seamlessly with the other patterns. So chic!

Source: Caitlin Moran Interiors

Another great way to use polka dots in the bedroom is on a headboard. The small dots give this space a very polished, sophisticated look too.

Source: Katie Emmons Design

The dots are a little bigger in this space, but it doesn’t make it look childish. Whimsical, I’d say. I love the gold on navy blue and that the dots match the fixtures.

Source: Decorpad

And here we have even bigger polka dots. With dots that big you could start getting into childish territory, but I think the dots being placed close together (and the fact that this is a laundry room) give it a more grown up feel.

Source: Lisa Sherry Interieurs

This dining nook is wonderful! I love the mismatched chairs. Polka dots on the walls was a great idea in this space, I think it might’ve looked a little too bland otherwise.

Source: Homedit

Another fantastic space. I love the way the polka dots look with the bright green stair runner. This space feels whimsical, yet sophisticated at the same time.

Source: Livinator

I love the mix of patterns in this space. It works since there’s a simple pattern along with a more complex pattern with similar color palettes. I bet the decor in this home office sparks plenty of creativity.

Source: Architecture Art Designs

The kitchen seems like an unlikely place to find polka dots, but here we are. And it looks fabulous! This black and white kitchen is so chic. I love how the floor tiles mimic polka dots too. Simply stunning!

Source: Brit + Co


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