Color Palette: Red and White

Color is an essential component in decorating, especially when it comes to seasonal decor. Black and orange, for example, will forever be associated with Halloween. One color palette that doesn’t officially have a season or holiday tied to it, but can come off as a bit seasonal is red and white. If you add blue, then you get the 4th of July. And if you’re not careful, a red and white room can start to remind you of candy canes. Not ideal for the rest of the year. However, if it’s done right, red and white rooms can be quite chic. Below are some great examples of stylish red and white rooms. Enjoy!

This little office area is fantastic! I love the idea of repurposing an armoire and using it as a desk. The red really pops against the white. I love the red bamboo chair too. It goes great with the chinoiserie vibe they have going on.

Source: Decorpad

I adore that beautiful red rug. It looks fabulous with the white bathtub and all the marble everywhere. I like that they went all out with an area rug. A small bath mat really wouldn’t do this space justice.

Source: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

The bright red vanity with the clean, sleek white countertop is wonderful. Enough said.

Source: Robin Gannon Interiors

It love the pop of red in this mostly white room. It’s a really creative way to inject some color into the space.

Source: Carriage Lane Designs

I know, I know. How can red and white stripes not make you think of candy canes? Normally, I would agree with that but I feel like the rope mirror along with the stripes actually gives this room a bit of a coastal vibe.

Source: Decorpad

This is the perfect way to design an ultra modern space. I’m not really a fan of white on white on white, but this space has just enough color with the red chair and pillows to make it look fantastic.

Source: Carmina Roth Interiors


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